4409 — ASU students walk out on IDF Israeli soldier!


– HINT: people that are ethical, upstanding, and good do NOT need to do public relations tours in foreign nations.

An Israeli IDF soldier was at ASU giving a lecture on how wonderful and ethical they are. Meanwhile, during the lecture a group of protesters were wearing red shirts with names of children that were allegedly killed by IDF soldiers. After the soldier spoke for a while the protesters got up turn around and walked out in silence.

I was not affiliated with that group so I was not leaving there without saying something 🙂

This problem all started when a bunch of Europeans got together and thought if would be a good idea to create a magical land by removing one group of people using force, genocide and occupation and giving it to a different group of people who practice and teach a racist extremist ideology all while pretending it was for an altogether different group of people who were persecuted for their religion.

There is no refuting that the IDF has used chemical weapons on the Palestinians in the past including white phosphorous which can burn your skin to the bone if touched and melt your lungs if inhaled. They have also deliberately used weapons know to contain depleted uranium which causes extremely high rates of cancers and birth defects.

I’m in no way saying all Palestinians are innocent, but this was not a lecture from a Palestinian claiming how ethical and moral they all are. This was a propaganda tour by an Israeli public relations “soldier”

For the soldier to claim the IDF is ethical and treats people all the same was as close to sketch comedy as you can get. Their own Talmud teaches that goyim (you) are nothing more than filthy animals. To be fair, do Palestinians teach their kids to also hate Zionists? Of course, but who ultimately has the power and control over the other?

Lets also be realistic here. The People in that giant outdoor prison called Gaza live in absolute horrid conditions. They have no weapons to speak of other than stones and maybe some of those katyusha rockets, which are nothing more than some over grown firecrackers.

Checkpoints are everywhere and they are manned by the IDF, which restricts their movement ON THEIR LAND! The Israelis also control ALL their food, water and resources. This would be similar to a black family with a clansman neighbor that controls their food, water, movement, and resources. All this, while they see houses and mansions being built on the other side of the wall and in the occupied territories with funding provided via the United States taxpayer.

Human nature, resentment and fear runs rampant and when caged people get desperate with no future to look forward they risk it all (blow them selves up) for what they perceive is the greater good.

Maybe caged chickens have dreamed at one time or another. Might have even plotted the taking of their very lives in the remote chance the barn door would come loose so the rest of his family could escape.

Animals are not meant to be caged like humans.



SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7cqzu-HahD4&feature=sub&list=UL

~ by Scat on November 16, 2010.

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