Words From The SculPTor


A contract is
a legally enforceable agreement,
not necessarily in writing,
between two or more capable people,
to do or not to do, some lawful and,
genuinely intended act.

A conspiracy is
an agreement between
two or more persons,
to commit a crime or,
accomplish a legal purpose
through illegal action.


Each and every one of us was programed from birth by the SYSTEM. When we admit it and accept that those things we did and thought in the past were the result of programing, then, and only then, can we make a conscience decision not to feel bad about who we were before, but instead grasp at the new opportunity to become ourselves and take full responsibility for our actions or inactions in the future. This should be the only way that we can ever claim being “born again”.


Each letter of the alphabet is a Philosophers Stone.

The shape-shifted lowercase “S” of the Desdemona typeface is the Holy Grail / Graal (the pictogram is a symbol of the uterus implant designed for a male hermaphrodite).

Note the “PH” link between alPHabet, PHilosoPHer, HermaPHrodite, PHarmacist, ShePHerd. Then, you will overstand the importance of “HP”; Hewlett Packard who let the dogs out~!

Phoenicians are an admixture of Sea Peoples, ShePHerd Kings and Canaanites. Before moving on to Carthage they gave up Canaan to the Hittite/Hebrews, who are otherwise known as the Hycsos and were being evicted from Egypt. Before settling down in Canaan the Hebrews were given a 40 year refresher course on what was expected of them, by the Horites (God – Top Dog Priests), at Mount Sinai.

Fat-ima = Fat I am = Phat/Ptah (God of Zoro-Astrian/Zoro-Babel Freemasonry)
as in Top Hat or Frigian Tuqes, etc.


Freemasonry’s symbols suggest that humanity needs to be shape-shifted to “bee” in order to achieve EQUILIBRIUM. A “bee” is also called a ring. The Lord of the Rings is the Queen Bee. In a beehive, genders are not required except for procreation. Freemasonry believes this matter can be best handled by a single gender now known to philosophers as Ubermensch, Beyondman or Superman. “IT” is a Hermaphrodite.

Secret Coding hidden in Language is the way they currently implement this plan. Faith based Organized Religion is their proof of its success. When all the kinks have finally been worked out through testing on their Guinea Pigs, presently known as the Human Race, humans will be destroyed and replaced with Beyondman.

At that time the Black Capstone will be retrieved and flown from the Kaaba at Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, and deposited on top of the Great White Pyramid, at Giza in Egypt.

The plan is an 8000 year criminal conspiracy, a Zoro-Astrian / Zoro-Babel Cabal known to some as the “Gulf of Aqaba Kabala” which is approaching its ultimate conclusion. The signs are all around.

Thus Spake Zarathustra~!


The System, in an attempt to control comprehension, has imposed a number of taboos which they claim are out of bounds for discussion among civilized peoples. These taboos fall under the general headings of sex, politics and religion.

Those of us who now overstand have discovered that one can never come to terms with reality unless these three topics of discussion become the main topics of our communications.

As an example one should take a second look at how we treat the subject of women’s breasts. Masonry’s Pilgrims to America made certain that “nice” ladies were dressed from foot to chin. The System then allowed “Topless” dancers and prostitutes, then equating the women who do it to the derogatory term “slut”. A woman who marries for “security” or “political correctness” is never described as a slut.

The fact of the matter is that nature gave women breasts in order to feed their young. Breasts are not “sex objects” but are symbols of FEMALE POWER, symbols which are overstood instinctively by all “normal” males. This is why males instinctively look to see if the person they are speaking with has breasts. In a matrial society this is how males knew whether or not the person they were speaking with had the authority to give them directions as to what task they should perform next. Also, this is why females are still taught to reject this natural male instinct. By going along with it this deminishes the political power of women and plays right into the hands of “men who wear dresses (robes) in public”.


Following a number of years of investigation by the Canadian Institute for Political Integrity into the question :

“Who owns the government?”

It is our “FINDING” that all of the national governments of the world are simply AGENCIES of middle-Eastern Money Creators and TAX COLLECTORS; whose roots are firmly entrenched in Persian, Pedophile, Predatory PRIEST~HOODS (see: Zoro-Aster/Zoro-Babel); Priests who couch their control over us in fabricated diplomatic languages to veil their PREDATORY SYSTEM which, at its heart, is modeled on the CHESSBOARD and the Game of Chess.

These MONEY CREATING and TAX COLLECTING PRIEST~HOODS directly control the reins of FREEMASONRY, the Secret Society that in turn controls all POLITICS,

ALL PRIESTS, OF ALL RELIGIONS, whether they are publicly styled Priest, Reverend, Bishop, Cardinal, Monk, Llama, or Pope, ultimately report through a chain-of-command that leads directly to the MONEY CREATING/TAX COLLECTING PRIEST~HOODS. Religion is a second level of direct taxation that taxes your current dreams as well as your hopes for everlasting life.



Freemasonry is “a war to the death against thinking women and those men who support them”, which is being fought covertly by the descendants of the first Pedophile Predator Priests from the “Land of Punt”, who were banned from participation in the affairs of Matrial Clan Society, some 60,000 years ago.

Since then, they have by means of a step-by-step conspiracy, lied about world history, divided humans in order to conquer and destroyed the credibility of women as long range nurturers and planners; convinced some braindead men that they should themselves lead a new patriarchal elitist system (based on the works of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle), while in fact taking over the management of world affairs themselves under the cover of secret societies governed at the top, symbolically, by “men who wear dresses in public” (ie: Kings, Politicians, Priests, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Arab Emirs, Scots and selected University Professors and Graduates ~ MBA, PHD and LLD).

These Priest-Hoods have destroyed the paradise that was here long ago and now infest our word boxes with their confusing variety of languages (6000) and criminal financial system that rewards thieves and idiots.

Isn’t it time that we woke-up to these little known facts and respond appropriately.


Many here don’t overstand. Few appear to comprehend Ultimate Reality. Mostly, they have fallen into the trap of Hegelian Dialectics. They believe that political opponents, military opponents, religious opponents and commercial opponents are real “competitors”, instead of in fact being the antipodean Trojan Horses or Talking Mules they are, both sides working towards the same Masonic goal for the End Times of the PlanET

Cancer vs Symptoms

Protesters have been pointing at the “symptoms” of the disease for 6,000 years and it hasn’t changed a damn thing. Symptoms are a “ball of steel wool”, a maze that leads you nowhere.

The Rockefellers have been pointing at the symptoms of Cancer from the Sloan Kettering institute without ever divulging the cure for Cancer. It has become a cash-cow business.

I suggest that if everyone concentrated on the Cancer itself (ie: who got us into the mess we’re in) rather than on the maze of never ending symptoms (ie: chemtrails and 9/11) we would turn the SYSTEM around on its ear in 20 years time.

Time is of the essence.

– The SculPTor
Glen CI4PI


~ by Scat on November 8, 2010.

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