Five Friends and Mystery Babylon

In Freemasonry there is a circle of five friends. Italy, France, Germany, England, and America are the five circles of friends. These five friends are referred to as the Olympiads. That’s why the Olympiad Organization’s symbol is five circles, the five masonic circles of friends.

The Olympic torch, is the torch of Prometheus, the God who stole fire for the service of man. In New York in front of Rockefeller Plaza you will see the statue of Prometheus, holding in his hand a flame. The same flame that the US dime has, the same flame that the Statue of Liberty has. In fact, the Statue of Liberty doesn’t represent liberty at all. It is actually a statue of the Elites goddess Semiramis,(who is standing above a sun if looked at from above) from their ancient mystery Babylonian religion. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from French Freemason’s and an exact replica of the statue can be found in France. The torch and flame is also used in many corporate logo’s like Amoco Oil for example.

The liberty bell, another supposed symbol of liberty, is in actuality a symbol of the Brotherhood of the Bell. Bell, being Bel, an ancient God in their mystery Babylonian religion, who today we call Beelzebub or Yahweh.

~ by Scat on August 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “Five Friends and Mystery Babylon”

  1. Nice correspondences. I didn’t connect Bel and Yahweh before but it does make sense in a way. I see Yahweh demanded human sacrifices just at Baal or Bel did.

    Check out my blog on Baphomet for more info on the torch of illumination.

  2. All good.

    A pleasure to read.


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