Predictive Programming Part 3 – They Live

From time to time in the Predictive Programming Series I’ll be posting a Holly-Wood (yes, I meant that spelling of it) movie and important quotes from the movie. I wont add my own commentary to what is being programmed into your head, what fun would that be? You gotta beat the knowledge out of yourself with these. This one is an easy one and will literally open your eyes to just how manipulated we really are and don’t even realize it. So watch, pay attention, think! And remember…don’t let yourself fall into the hypnotic trance entertainment is designed to put you in.

First up (a personal favorite of mine): They Live!

*Click the link above if the Video doesn’t show up*


Frank: The Golden Rule: He who has the gold, makes the rules.

Street Preacher: They use their tongues to deceive. The venom of snakes is under their lips. Their mouths are full of bitterness and curses. And in their paths nothing but wrought and misery! And the fear of God is not before their eyes. They have taken the hearts and mind of our leaders. They have recruited the rich and the powerful. And they have blinded us to the truth! The human spirit is corrupted. Why do we worship greed?  Because, outside the limit of our sight, feeding off us, perched on top of us, from birth to death, are our owners! Our owners! They have us. They control us! They are our masters! Wake up! They’re all about you! All around you!

Television Host: The feeling is definitely there. It’s a new morning in America… fresh, vital. The old cynicism is gone. We have faith in our leaders. We’re optimistic as to what becomes of it all. It really boils down to our ability to accept. We don’t need pessimism. There are no limits.

Bearded Man: Our impulses are being redirected. We are living in an artifical state of conciousness that resemlbles sleep.

Bearded Man: The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices. Their intention to rule rests with the annihilation of consciousness. We have been lulled into a trance. They have made us  indifferent to ourselves, to others, we are focused only on our own gain.

Bearded Man: Understand they are safe as long as they are not discovered. That is their primary method of survival. Keep us asleep. Keep us selfish. Keep us sedated.

Bearded Man: There is a signal broadcast ever single second of every single day through our Television sets…even when the TV is off.

Bearded Man: They are dismantling the sleeping middle class. More and more people are becoming poor. We are their cattle. We are being bred for slavery.

Resistance Leader: Perfect isn’t it? We’ll do anything to be rich.

Resistance Leader: They’re free enterpriser’s. The Earth is just another developing planet. Their 3rd world.

Elite Speaker: Our projections show that by the year 2025 not only America but the entire planet will be under the protection and dominion of this power alliance. The gains have been substantial, both for ourselves and you… the human power elite.

Drifter: You’re making a big mistake. I thought you boys understood. It’s business, thats all it is. You still don’t get it do ya? There ain’t no countries anymore. No more good guys. They’re running the whole show. They own everything. The whole god damn planet! They can do whatever they want!  What’s wrong with having it good for a change? Now they’re gonna let us have it good if we just help ’em. They’re gonna leave us alone, let us make some money. You can have a little taste of that good life too. Now, I know you want it. Hell, everybody does.
Frank: You’d do it to your own kind.
Drifter: What’s the threat? We all sell out every day, might as well be on the winning team.

Subliminal Message on US Currency: “THIS IS YOUR GOD”


~ by Scat on August 18, 2010.

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