Coming back

edit 08/12:  it begins again…


~ by Scat on June 8, 2010.

4 Responses to “Coming back”

  1. Preach as much as you’d like. Inform all that you know. Spread the word of the corruptions, why don’t you?

    It’s fun. Hah. It’s fun alright. It’s fun knowing exactly what is going on. The negative bullshit, that’s giving you satisfaction.

    But in all honesty. Who the fuck cares? No one who reads this does.

    How about instead of making a fucking blog that no one reads.


    I know you’ve got it in yourself, to make something happen. Show me it, I’ve known you’ve got it for quite some time.

    Quite being a stupid emo bitch, and become a politician; AND STOP THIS SHIT.

    Get it Ayden. Fucking get it.

  2. All it really is, is speculation. What difference are you going to make THROUGH A BLOG NO ONE READS?


    c/p is great and all. But better yet, why not create some OC?

    Come up with original content, and open your mind to something better than this faggotry called conspiracy theories.

    and quite being a flaming homosexual.

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