Banks, Loans, and Credit, Repossession

Banks are the face of the New World Order. Everything from your local run small family banks up all the way to the private “Federal” Reserve bank are instruments of control by the global elite with the Rothschild family at the very epicenter.

Here’s a small word of advice…NEVER take out loans with a bank. EVER! When you agree to a loan you are agreeing to put up a thing called collateral which is usually what you are taking out the loan for such as a house or car. Well in exchange for the collateral (house, car, etc) you are agreeing to take a certain amount of money from the bank to pay for the collateral and once you have paid for it you are then required to pay back the loan to the bank plus intrest on the original amount of the loan. The problem is, is when you agree to a loan and put up collateral for it you are given nothing but thin air in exchange.

Money is based on nothing. They are promissory notes of debt based on thin air. So when you take out a loan you put up hard assets in exchange for nothing but thin air. If you fail to pay them back that thin air plus interest on the loan for the house, car, or whatever, the bank then retakes possession of it. It’s nothing more than highway robbery. Another arm of the legalized mafia.


This video is not advocating that you not pay your bills. This video is about a crop of Pirates coming up that are stealing property without judgments from a court of law!

The video should be titled car-pirate confronted because the bank has to have “lawful possession” in order to repossess something.

If you study banking you will come to realize that the bank NEVER loaned you anything….

Your signature created the funds which is a data entry credit. If you never payed the bank a dime they did not lose anything. Its a hard concept for people to grasp but it is true.

This jack ass and his company have access to ALL personal information via his ALPR license place recognition software. I confronted this Car Pirate because he would not leave the neighborhood and was acting like a jackazz. These people STEAL cars all the time. You can’t take someones property without due process of law.

They steal cars all the time without a judgement from a court of law.

Piece of advice:

If a tow company EVER tows your car go down there and demand the property at once and request them to send you a bill.

If they do not then call the cops and the police will make sure the tow company turns over your property.

Even the cops know it is theft!

-4409(from his youtube page)


~ by Scat on May 27, 2010.

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