Are You Really Making A Difference?

I’ve stopped posting here on a daily basis because this blog is essentially pointless. Youtube videos can be helpful, but a lone blog in the vast network of the internet realistically makes very little difference towards the future of the human race. And if you want to make a real difference in this world then i suggest you get off your computer and take to the streets.

The internet is a temporary thing given to us by the elite. The internet is a double edge sword. On one hand its the fastest way to spread a message or idea to millions of people with essentially very little work while on the other hand it also serves as a data mining operation for the global elite to further tighten their reins of control over us. It’s a temporary thing given to us for a specific purpose and once that’s gone what are you going to do? You need to start re-establishing ties with one another and figure out new ways to warn the rest of the sheeple of this coming nightmare on the horizon outside of the internet. The internet is on its death-bed and once it’s gone, are you going to be ready to pick up the ball and run with it in a new direction? I suspect a great many people will be running around like a headless chicken once the internet is shut down.

When i say shut down i don’t mean the internet wont exist anymore, instead what we will be allowed to have is a highly censored and monitored internet that is essentially useless to get any sort of real information on. The people will have no voice and no access to anything that isn’t authorized by the elite.

We’ve become very complacent in the United States. The ostrich mentality seems to be the most dominant mindset present in humanity throughout the world. The more you sit here and think that posting videos or blogs is helping stop the New World Order, the more the New World Order continues to succeed in its agenda. I’m not saying don’t do that stuff, but if you think you can spend 20 minutes posting a blog or making a youtube video then spend the next 23 hours and 40 minutes of your day doing a million other things then you might as well not even bother. You can’t just make posts on the internet and sit back and think you did your part. It doesn’t work like that.

The only way to make any real difference is by getting out there and interacting with people face to face. The odds are stacked against us and it truly breaks my heart to say this but the New World Order will most likely succeed. And no this is not me saying give up on stopping it.

How can anyone with a conscious and know the agenda sit back and do nothing to stop the horror that is ahead? If you saw someone getting mugged or stranded on the side of the road, do you help? Do you do anything about it? How can you not?

I’ve sat down here many times to write several blogs and every time i do i’m instantly filled with an apathy that is unbearable. My mind goes blank and my hands cramp up because i know how pointless it is to write these. But nevertheless i do it because i know it’s just one more way of making a stand but not my only way of making a stand.

People don’t want to hear this kind of stuff. Hell even i don’t want to hear about the new world order myself but i know that if i don’t do anything about it then i’m just giving my consent to be put to death by these psychopaths that run the world behind a giant green curtain.

You will be harassed, get beaten up, have your life threatened, be arrested many times and possibly even spend some time in jail, you might even be killed by the very people you are trying to help. But unfortunately that is the reality of the world we exist in.

The sleeping masses are our biggest threat. They are the most dangerous thing on the face of this planet, far more dangerous than the new world order and the people pushing it are.

Here’s the real secret the new world order: They are only allowed to do what they do because we allow them to do it. They have no real power, no real authority over us. They’ve only conditioned us to feel weak and small and useless, and insignificant. Thats it. Thats all it is. The New World Order is nothing more than just a psychological game. It doesn’t matter what kooky gods/demons they worship in their silly little robes during their rituals in front of giant stone owls in california or all the secret societies they inhabit or create, or what levels of government they have infiltrated.


One word: Non-compliance.

That’s all it takes. It’s so simply to stop the New World Order in its tracks but the most difficult thing at the same time. And that’s really the whole message of this blog. Non-compliance.

Get your friends, family and your neighbors educated. Fuck the internet. Go door to door. hand out fliers, dvds, stickers, buttons, whatever. Get original and creative. But most importantly get off the computer especially the internet and establish ties in the real world and go full force.

Dont join any groups or organizations. It’s not needed and they are always infiltrated by government agents anyways and end up being used against us to make us look like the bad men to the rest of the sheeple.

Just get out there and talk to people face to face and get involved in your community. It’s a simple as that. Get involved in everything from your neighborhood all the way up to the state and federal level. Talk to people.

I’m not advocating violence in any way shape or form. All’s i’m saying is just spread the information face to face and network, don’t join any groups and just move on to the next person if someone doesn’t want to listen.

Each person is responsible for their own destiny.



~ by Scat on May 26, 2010.

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