Last Wednesday I went to the comic store to pick up some new books and as I was leaving the store I came to a stop light in the exit of the parking lot. There were about 20 cars around me all waiting for the light to change and to the right standing on the sidewalk was a girl holding a shitty cardboard sign with “Anything Will Help” written on it. I had seen this girl once before in another spot close by about a month prior to this occasion. Well I’ve got a few minutes of time under my belt sitting there waiting for the light to change and I look around, not one person is paying any attention to this girl. Not one! Why the fuck not? You all are obviously doing better than she is. Why not give her a little bit of help? Everyone instead averted their eyes and pretended that the homeless girl was just a figment of their imagination.

The light turned green and as I started to drive up the road getting closer to the girl I locked eyes with her and I could see the pain and disappointment in her eyes. All I could think about is the fact that 20 assholes just drove by her and not one, not one, stopped to help her out. It made me disgusted. When I got close enough I stopped the car and held up traffic and started reaching for my wallet and gave her a nod and a smile. Just the smile and the look in her eyes at that moment were well worth the money I gave her. She thanked me for the money and said god bless. I returned the gesture. I think that was the first time I’ve ever said god bless to anyone in my entire life. It was weird. God had nothing to do with my actions that day. I never believed in the traditional sense of God ever and I still don’t to this day.

Most people when they go down to mill avenue, this hot spot for shopping during the day and partying at night, ignore all the bums and street merchants there. Not me. I make it a point to go down there just for them. I like to talk to them and engage in business with them. They are a better class of people any day. I’m not saying they never did anything bad in their life but their current situation has led them to become better people, or at least that’s what I like to hope. I still remember one guy, I never got his name though, who was selling really pretty beads. He had 100’s of different kinds, all different shapes and sizes and colors and patterns. One of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. That guy told me all about his life and how he used to live up in a cave in Colorado for like 20 years. I remember telling the group of girls I hung out with in radiology school about that guy and how I’d purposely go out of my way to talk to the bums on Mill Ave. and they were all disgusted with me and couldn’t believe I’d do such a thing. How can you not? I think I was more disgusted by their attitudes of the homeless and how much better they thought they were over them than they were about me and my interactions with homeless people.

What makes you so much better of a human being than a homeless person? Is it because you have a house, a car, money, food, anything and everything your heart desires? All that shit is trivial and unimportant and has no bearing on you being a better person than anyone else. It all boils down to empathy and compassion. The kindness and caring you show for others and not just yourself. That’s what counts, that’s what makes you a good person. People it would seem have forgotten this basic concept. One which when you think about it, is probably the most important belief you could ever have. It’s even more important than religion.

Religion is fine, nothing wrong with having some sort of religious belief. But religion is just a tool to bring across this concept of being nice to others and trying to make the world a better place. The only problem I have with religion is it was turned into a perverted concept of entirely selfish acts. Organized religion has instilled us with fear in order to obey the churches desires. If we don’t live and act accordingly to what the church denotes is the proper way to act, we risk spending eternity being tortured in the fires of hell. Especially if we don’t accept one certain person as our lord and savior for “sins committed” by the simple act of just being born. There is nothing sinful in being born. There is no reason you should automatically be denied access to heaven just because you emerged from your mother’s womb. It’s all just a crock to get people to live in fear and under the churches control. A power grab by a bunch of egotistical psychopaths and it worked.

I see all these people of various religious backgrounds, the hardcore religious people, going around trying to spread the message of their gospels with everyone and anyone. Sure, they mean well but it’s not genuine. I know for a fact if it weren’t for their religious belief they’d be no different than any of the other jerk off’s I run into on a daily basis. Their only motivation for doing any good for the world is to perpetuate the greed and power of their organized religious belief (though this is mostly done without them even being aware of it) and for their own self-preservation in whatever afterlife and eternal heaven they believe in.

What about the people who have religious beliefs and go to church on Sunday but don’t make religion the whole of their existence? They aren’t any better. Sure they pray and go to church on Sunday but as soon as church is out they go back to being shitty self-centered people shitting on everyone left and right just taking whatever they want at other people’s expense until Sunday rolls around again. What’s the point then of going to church if you aren’t even living in accordance with what your religious beliefs are? How can you even call yourself a follower of your faith if you don’t even practice the basic principles it tries to get you to live by?

The stories in the bible are just that, stories. There may be a basis of truth in them but I doubt they are actual historical accounts of events. They are more like stories you tell children with messages on how to live a good life and make this world a better place layered inside them. You can argue that point and say that the bible only speaks truths and that Jesus is the only way to salvation.  There’s no point in doing that really. If that’s your belief then good on you, I’m not here to debate. I’m here to simply lay out my thoughts and opinions on the subject.

What happened to the idea of just trying to be a good person and do good for others and trying to make this world a better place, without the promise of some reward/payment or the promise of eternal happiness in a cloudy world after this, but just for the simple desire to want to see everyone live in a world that isn’t so cold and ugly?

The most frightening realization I’ve had is that we are more savage and uncivilized and more inhumane now than we were 50 years ago, 100 years ago, 2,000 years ago. Most of our morals and any sort of self-respect have gone completely out the window and the saddest part of it all is that it’s not your fault. I don’t blame anyone specifically. I don’t hate anyone. I don’t judge anyone. Your actions have been conditioned and controlled and given to you by a set of unseen hands that you’ve never even heard of and probably never will. The whole point of this blog wasn’t about any political agenda of my own. I have no politics. The point of this blog was to wake you people up to the world around you. The one kept hidden behind a giant curtain, the real world that exists just out of your sight. I wanted you to realize you are all living in a world of illusions, a dream world and this nightmare can end as easily as it started.

If you read my posts and looked into what I’ve had to say you’ll figure it out sooner or later. I’d rather it be sooner than later but later is better than never, though I fear never will come sooner than later.

good luck to you all…



~ by Scat on March 1, 2010.

One Response to “End…”

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth, very good post. Religion is a scam to make people fear the higher up powers, nothing more and nothing less. It is a natural instinct for human beings to fear what they do not or can not understand. The catholic church being a prime example…. The pope, this hugely feared and revered influencial figure of the roman catholic church… he is nothing more than a man in a drape holding a scepter made of cheap metal. He is not a direct link to god, he doesnt have devine powers, he eats, breathes, sleeps, shits, and dies just like every other human being. People are so obsessed with personal belongings. Technology is corrupt, it drives people to greed, ingorance, errogance. People would rather have a brand new big screen TV than donate that money to a fund to help children in some poverty stricken third world country, that shows you how low the morale of man has gone. Life is a big joke, people have lost all appreciation for the everyday values, they have forgotton the little things in life that matter. I personally have lost all faith in humanity. War, crime, poverty, greed, murder…. All these things revolve around money, the one truly evil and corrupt thing in life. I would love to go back in time and kill whoever invented currency, life as we know it would change for the better. Just my 2 cents…

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