4409 — ATS Photo Radar employee caught lying to police on 911 call

No one touched a van so I went and had the 911 call pulled to find out who exactly lied to the police.

Call Thomas Kent’s cell phone at 480-596-4726 and demand that he not make false reports to the Mesa Police Department again. Call ATS at 480-443-7000 and demand that Thomas Kent be fired.

Companies like Redflex and ATS lie to police all the time and claim someone is banging on the van. They do this because that is the only way they can get the cops to come and ask us to leave. This guy Thomas Kent lied with no regard for me and could care less if I were to be hauled off to jail for something I did not do.


ATS Corporate Headquarters
7681 E. Gray Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Administrative Offices: 480-443-7000
Customer Service/Questions about Specific Violations: 866-790-4111

Fax: 480-607-0901

Human Resources Department: opportunities@atsol.com
Public Safety Services: safety@atsol.com
Commercial Services: commercial@atsol.com
Public Financing Services: publicfinance@atsol.com
Media Inquiries: media@atsol.com
Toll Road Services: tolls@atsol.com
PlatePass Information: sales@platepass.com



Under Arizona law, it is illegal to knowingly make a false report or statement to a law enforcement agency or a peace officer. False reporting may also occur when an individual tells a lie to a law enforcement agent, knowing he or she is misrepresenting something with the intent to interfere with the ordinary routine of the officer.

ARS §13-2907.01 False reporting to law enforcement agency

A. It is unlawful for a person to knowingly make to a false, fraudulent or unfounded report or statement or to knowingly misrepresent a fact for the purpose of interfering with the orderly operation of a law enforcement agency or misleading a peace officer.

B. Violation of this section is a class 1 misdemeanor.


Mesa City Prosecutor’s Office
245 West 2nd Street Mesa, AZ 85201 –
7am – 6pm

Police Non-Emergency

City Manager Chris Brady


Scott Smith
Term: June 2, 2008 to January 22, 2013

District 1 – Councilmember Dave Richins
Term: June 2, 2008 to January 22, 2013

District 2 – Councilmember Alex Finter
Term: June 2, 2008 to January 22, 2013

District 3 – Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh
Term: June 2, 2008 to January 22, 2013

District 4 – Vice Mayor Kyle Jones
Term: June 5, 2002 – 2010

District 5 – Councilmember Dina Higgins
Term: June 2, 2008 to January 18, 2011

District 6 – Councilmember Scott Somers
Term: June 5, 2006 – 2010

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