Michael Badnarik Suffers Heart Atttack

For those of you who dont know who Michael Badnarik is get on youtube right now and search for his videos. This man is 110% pure american! His lectures are priceless and the truth/liberty/patriot movement…whatever you wanna call it, hell the world in general, cant afford to lose this man in the middle of the fight for justice and freedom!

Michael J. Badnarik, the Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States in the 2004 elections and a former software engineer and radio talk show host has suffered a heart attack. Badnarik is also the president of the 2009 Continental Congress.

Badnarik was in Madison, Wisconsin, attending a hearing regarding a raw milk case when he collapsed, according to Gary Franchi, the National Director of Restore the Republic. After the hearing he got in a car to go to lunch with friends, He then slumped over. His friends attempted CPR and contacted the paramedics. They attempted to revive him 3 times with no success. Upon the 4th attempt his heart was revived yet with erratic behavior, writes Franchi in an email.

Michael was taken to a local hospital in Wisconsin and fitted with a temporary pacemaker and a balloon pump to ease stress on his heart. He remains in an unconscious state and his condition is listed as serious.

In November 2009, Badnarik was elected as one of three delegates from the State of Texas to attend the 2009 Continental Congress sponsored by the We The People Foundation, and subsequently elected parliamentary president of that body.

In October 2008, he began hosting a talk radio program, Lighting the Fires of Liberty, on the Genesis Communications Network.

~ by Scat on December 23, 2009.

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