Predictive Programming Part 1


Predictive programming, what is it? It’s a technique used to subconsciously implant thoughts or ideas into ones head over a period of time to help shape ones view of the coming world around them. The elite running this world are Fabian Socialists, which means they implement their agenda slowly through many generations. They found that through forms of entertainment such as fictional books, music and especially tv shows/movies that humans are much more susceptable to outside influences. While we are being entertained our critical thinking process shuts off and we fall into an almost hypnotic trance like state. The ideal condition for programming our minds for the coming changes the elite intend to bring throughout society. We are given this “accidental” view of history through the predictive progamming techniques. We never look back at history and think why out of all the infinite possiblities did history follow this or that path. We never ask what was it behind those events in history that caused them to happen. And that’s all by design. The elite of this world are control freaks. They have their hands in every pot on this planet. Think about this for a minute, why do we call the body of rock we live on floating through space a planet. the answer should become more evident as we go on.

As I was saying, the elite of this world are control freaks. They are deathly scared of anything outside of their grasp. They must have total control in order to keep their agenda running. They cant afford to have any “X” factors in this world. “X” factors are the unpredictables, the rebels, the ones outside the control system that threatens to disrupt all the control mechanisms that keep the masses inline and ignorant of the world around them. Any time an “X” factor pops up its either instantly subverted and taken over by the elite or squashed out of existence as quickly as possible to prevent the elite from losing control over us (the profane or useless eaters. Just 2 of the many lovely names they have for us at the bottom).

We are given this superficial view of history and the world around us and told everything is just accidental. Which couldn’t be farther from the truth. These Fabians work in long term agendas, planning things 10, 20, 50, sometimes even 100 years into the future. They are able to plan that far into the future easily because well, there’s no guess work involved in which way the world is gonna move when you are the ones that are in control of the way it moves in the first place. And that all made possible by predictive programming.

Now you still may not be sure what I mean by predictive programming. You probably want some more explanation and examples. Well, that’s not a problem.

Think about the last movie you saw or the last song you listened to. Did you think about it or analyze what is being presented to you through it or did you just sit there and just shut off your brain and just enjoy it? No need to lie, we both know that about 99.9% of the time (I’m just as guilty as you are of this) you shut off your brain and enjoyed it. Thats predictive programming. The subliminal indoctrination of the masses into a certain agenda through the use of hidden messages and symbols through various forms of communication/education/entertainment.

See Hollywood is a highly fraternal place. All the big movers and shakers there, all the big stars and celebrities we are conditioned to worship and see being superior to us, are all members of some sort of secret order, the most prominent one being Freemasonry. When you understand the purpose of these secret orders and who are members, and the things pushed by those specific people through various form of entertainment  it becomes even more clear.

The name Hollywood is symbolism in itself. The wood of a Holly tree or Holly-wood is used as the staff or wand in many occult rituals/spells  in these secret orders. So when you hear the phrase “movie magic” its just a esoteric (or hidden) symbolism for these secret orders and the spells (predictive programming) they cast upon the profane (you and me) through music, television and movies to guide society in certain directions and create certain elements in our culture that weren’t present before.

All the latest trends, hip bands, cool clothes, tv shows and movies, anything and everything, whatever you can think of, its all been given to us by design. There is nothing in this world that exists that hasn’t been authorized to exist. And it only exists for a purpose. These psychopaths at the top don’t just give us stuff cause they are being nice and think “hey! this would be really nice for all the slaves at the bottom”. The world doesn’t work like that. It’s all given to us for the specific purpose of  subconsciously indoctrinating us into slowly accepting the idea of a New World Order or a scientifically controlled socialist-eugenics one world government.

The more you research these topics the more evident it becomes. There’s too much information to cover to write it all in this blog. It would take me many many years and many many books of writing to explain it all. What I’m presenting is just a condensed surface view of the world around us. In the next few posts on this subject (predictive programming) I’m going to be posting a bunch of videos that shows all the hidden symbolism and indoctrination into this new world order control grid through the world of entertainment and Hollywood.

Last but not least I’d like to personally thank Alan Watt ( A lot of the information I’m presenting in this predictive programming series I learned from him. I encourage you all to please visit his website and buy his books and send him donations and make sure you tune into his daily show. Thank you Alan for all your years of hard work and putting all the pieces together making it easier for us to understand the bigger picture.

~ by Scat on December 21, 2009.

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