Bernanke – TIME’S Person of the Year!?

Really…Bernanke? The man who helped drive this country into an even deeper economic disaster by spending our hard earned tax dollars in massive bailouts to banks and financial institutions that should HAVE FAILED and disappeared into the annals of history, where they rightly deserve to go.  I guess we’ve all forgotten about the massive secrecy behind the amount of money that was really spent to keep these “too big to fail” corrupt fat cats going. We were told it was only gonna be 700 billion dollars, no biggie right? Its not like we the working people of this country, who wont make in a life time what they make in a year in just bonuses, need that money… No that’s just crazy talk. But when the actual numbers finally came out the total cost of the bailouts was in the TRILLIONS of dollars and guess what… we STILL DON’T KNOW where most of that money went. Has everyone forgotten about all the lies that were spouted day and night to scare us all into submission and all the threats made to congressmen/senators about what would happen if they didn’t act now? Have we forgotten about how all the people that were bailed out, err….banks that were bailed out are all the same banks that most of this current administration WORKED FOR or had unnervingly CLOSE TIES to prior to being put into political office? No, no, it would seem America’s forgotten all about that already.

We just move from crisis to crisis. And with every new crisis that comes our way we always seem to forget about the crisis that came before it. How many of you remember the Swine Flu scare back in the mid 1970’s? Do you remember what a scam that was? It would seem history repeats itself, as always. Though I guess I shouldn’t take to seriously who TIME magazine names person of the year. They never name anyone person of the year who actually does any good.  I mean after all THEY DID NAME HITLER MAN OF THE YEAR back in the 1930’s.

~ by Scat on December 20, 2009.

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