Al Gore Slammed By Congress Over Global Warming hoax

For those of you who really believe the global warming scam I urge you to go read a book called “The First Global Revolution” which was written by the Club Of Rome. Guess who just happens to be a member of the Club Of Rome… none other than AL GORE! Geee… a coincidence? I think not people. In fact, I know not. And if you read that book then you’ll discover that the Club Of Rome’s purpose was to find a way to unite the world under a war time scenario. And, they openly state that the threat of global warming and climate change would fit the bill. Why unite the world under a war time scenario? Well, as the Club of Rome states, its much easier to get people to surrender their rights and freedoms in order to fall under the total tyrannical control of government when there is a threat or crisis.

Ingraham and Morano Expose Gore’s Global Warming Profit Motive

By Noel Sheppard
May 3, 2009 – 15:39 ET

For several years NewsBusters has been informing readers of Nobel Laureate Al Gore’s profit motive as it pertains to his advancement of global warming hysteria.

This included the presentation of a video of the former Vice President disclosing in March 2008 what investments he’s personally made in companies that will benefit from any legislation designed to curb carbon dioxide emissions.

This admission garnered virtually no mainstream media coverage from global warming obsessed press members when it was first uncovered last April.


~ by Scat on October 16, 2009.

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