Ron Paul on MSNBC & CNN 10-14-09

~ by Scat on October 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ron Paul on MSNBC & CNN 10-14-09”

  1. Hi there – as wonderful as Ron Pauls NESARA agenda sounds I ask that you would go to this website and read up on some inside info on who Ron Paul REALLY is. I mean of course you can choose to believe what you want – it is interesting that they are ALL on the same team ~ giving off the Illusion we have some kind of choice! Anyone who has truly spoken the truth has ended up dead or if not dead yet will soon be..
    I also post info on my blog at
    I am not religious and I have been raging against the religious machine for over a year now.. but i do love YHWH 🙂 Religion mind control is the norm even in charismatic and “born-again” denominations.. and they cant even see it LOL
    Anyways really enjoying your blog and thinking on putting you in my Blogroll Faves !! Keep on keeping on in the fight against injustice!! Peace to you

  2. Thanks very much! I’ll check out that link and see what I can find. I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well! 🙂

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