4409 — Texas Pirates stealing cars and cash

Pirates are doing the same thing all over the country just on a smaller scale but it is getting more and more blatent everyday.

Notice something similiar about these folks?

Here is my theory of what was taking place in Tenaha, Texas. There was a third party involved besides the cop and the DA and that is the car seller.

1. The car seller would place ads online to sell cars way under book value. The buyers would be thrilled to purchase the car since they were getting a great deal.

2. The cars were all under 10,000. They only took cash and only from people NOT from around their neck of the woods.

The farher they lived from the scene the less chance they would fight it.

3. The sellers job would be to gain info from the buyer…like what type of car they would be driving and what exact time they would be arriving in the city with all that cash to purchase a car.

4. He then would relay that to the cop so the cop. This is how the cop knew how to identify the buyer when he arrived in town……pulled over, threatened and bam easy as pie.

Theft is theft even by government. Whether by a scam photo radar ticket or some bogus HOV lane violation.

There are a few at the top who are treating police departments like a for-profit business and because of this cops are losing ALL crediability with the people.

Remember…Police departments are CORPORATIONS and your ass is not a share holder 🙂

The DA and the Police are under Investigation by the Justice Department now.

SOURCE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7_f3gwFLV0&feature=sub


~ by Scat on October 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “4409 — Texas Pirates stealing cars and cash”

  1. The way our white control law enforcement works in America is to target only blacks then report on the high number of. When the truth of the matter is that by NOT including everybody gives a fasle reporting of the facts. Which makes blaming blacks easy! The Bait Car program is down right racist! All the neighborhood they set the bait car in are black and latino. NEVER do the program go to a white neighborhood NEVER! Don’t get me wrong I could careless about the black and latino people that are arrested for stealing cars. I care about fairness and equal treatment under the LAW. As I write black and latino men and women are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan
    for the freedom of all Americans. They deserve the respect and equal treatment under the law in their country! The program has mostly white cops that made comment like” these hoolum” these animals” these people etc.. This is why and how racist white cops built their hatred and disrespect for all black Americans. They only target black and latino criminal. Whites are the number one in car thief NATION WIDE! Alot of time working with minorites to commit their crime! This program (BAIT CAR) should be cancel until it plays fair and plant the Bait Car in white neighborhoods TOO!

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