Madeleine Albright confronted on Bilderberg and NWO Crimes

WeAreChangeChicago · October 08, 2009
Madeleine Albright was confronted and exposed as a New World Order shill by a coalition of WeAreChange activists from Ohio and Chicago. As the activists attempted to ask the former Secretary of State some probing questions, they were shoved and assaulted by Albright’s entourage.

Albright spoke at the Borders bookstore in Chicago on Wednesday, October 7th to flog her book and to propagandize the public.

Albright, who is a Director of the Rockefeller/British-controlled Council on Foreign Relations, was told that the American people would not stand for another false flag attack like on 9/11.

Anthony from WeAreChange Ohio stepped up and asked Albright about her appearance at the 2008 Bilderberg conference in Chantilly, Virginia. At first, Albright lied and said that she was not at the meeting but eyewitnesses had videotaped her arrival at the secret gathering.

When notified of this fact, she backpeddled and said that she “went in to pick somebody up.”

Albright may be hesitant to admit her links to the Bilderberg Group because evidence has shown that the Bilderberg members intentionally planned to crash the U.S. economy in order to consolidate their economic power. In the film “The Obama Deception” by Alex Jones, author Daniel Estulin stated at the 2006 conference that members of the Bilderberg Group admitted that the group was planning to manipulate the housing market, create oil price fluctuations, and ultimately crash the economy.

Her attendance at the Bilderberg meeting would also be considered a violation of the Logan Act, which prohibits U.S. citizens from interacting with a foreign government without the authority of the United States.

Albright and her entourage seemed to think that she was only going to get puffball questions from a sycophantic public. Anthony of WeAreChange Ohio stated emphatically, “it was very interesting as soon as I asked her about Bilderberg, they said ‘You can’t ask any questions’ and shoved me away!” Both Anthony and Steve of WeAreChange Chicago were immediately removed once they began to question Albright.

~ by Scat on October 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “Madeleine Albright confronted on Bilderberg and NWO Crimes”

  1. I’m delighted to hear that the council on foreign relations is British controlled. whats the evidence for that assertion?

  2. The Council on Foreign Relations is just a branch in America of the Royal Institute Of International Affairs (RIIA). The RIIA came about from the merger of both the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and the Milner Group. Both the Cecil Rhodes Foundation and Milner Group were/are based in Britain.

    An in-depth history on these organizations can be found in Carol Quigley’s books “Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in Our Time” and “The Anglo-American Establishment: From Rhodes to Cliveden”.

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