Sin Tax

The health care bill upon it’s passing will only provide the government further authority to regulate what you can and cannot eat/drink. Once this bill is passed don’t be surprised to find the government telling you: “if you eat this no healthcare, if you drink this no health care.” Since they will be in charge, if you don’t follow their rules you don’t get shit. You’ll still have to pay the taxes to support health care bullshit but you wont get anything in return.

Here’s a prime example of the tip toe walk to that all powerful government monitoring your diet world we are headed to. Things always start off slow and build up over time. Its like a frog in a pot. If you boil some water and throw the frog in, it’ll jump right out. But if you put the frog in the water then start boil the water, the frog will be unable to register the difference until its too late.

Here we have an article about a new tax on soda pop. Keep in mind the health care bill is still not passed yet but they are already talking about taxing soda pop because its bad for our health. Tip toe, tip toe, can you see what comes next? First submit legislation to control a nations health, then put new taxes on foods, and the final step saying all together what you can and cant eat. And who’s gonna stop ’em? Most of America is too fat, complacent, and ignorant to the world around them. Wake up people!

Now for the article:

Obama Open to ‘Sin Tax’ on Soda

(Sept. 9) — As he fights a heated battle to get Congress to pass health care reform, President Barack Obama seems warm to another health-related idea: a so-called sin tax on soda and other sugary drinks.

In an interview with Men’s Health magazine, Obama called a tax on soda “an idea that we should be exploring.”
“There’s no doubt that our kids drink way too much soda. And every study that’s been done about obesity shows that there is as high a correlation between increased soda consumption and obesity as just about anything else,” he said. “Obviously it’s not the only factor, but it is a major factor.”

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Barack Obama sips a drink during an Aug. 21, 2008, campaign swing in Petersburg, Va.

Joe Raedle, Getty Images

Barack Obama sips a drink while campaigning for president in August 2008

But Obama acknowledged that the tax would be a tough sell politically.
“Legislators from certain states that produce sugar or corn syrup are sensitive to anything that might reduce demand for those products,” he said. “And look, people’s attitude is that they don’t necessarily want Big Brother telling them what to eat or drink, and I understand that.”
In a follow-up story, the New York Daily News asked the White House to elaborate, and officials downplayed the idea. A White House spokesman told the newspaper that Obama hasn’t officially proposed the tax, and another administration official said no proposal would be forthcoming.
The Daily News pointed out that a similar proposal in New York went down in flames earlier this year. Gov. David Paterson proposed an 18 percent state tax on soda and other sugary drinks, but he backed off because of strong public opposition.
Yet there does seem to be some public support for taxing soda — if the revenue would help pay for health care reform. A May posting on The Atlantic’s Web site looked at polling data that shows most people would either strongly or somewhat support such a tax if it were tied to paying for health care.
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