Lets Talk About Photo Radar

From Member David Fitzgerald:

I am against photo radar.  Here’s why:

1. Photo radar does not improve traffic safety.  Since no points are issued, you can drive as fast as you want as long as you can afford to pay the $160 – $200 fines.  Additionally, photo radar has demonstrably made our roads less safe.  Here are some recent statistics:

a. Rear end accidents increased 42%

b. Angle accidents increased 20%

c. Injury accidents increased 18%

d. Total number of accidents increased 29%

2. Arizona citizens were never given the opportunity to vote on or approve photo radar.

3. There is a quota number of tickets that must be issued per month according to the contracts with the camera companies

4. Photo radar citations violate your constitutional right to confront your accuser in court and you are not allowed “discovery” prior to your court appearance.

5. Photo radar cameras don’t just record when they flash – they record 24 hours/day, keeping a record of every passerby’s movements.

6. The photo radar companies receive more money from the citations than the cities or state.

7. Photo radar citations are generally not issued to city employees, law enforcement officers (although they are reported to their departments and they must spend time explaining the situation that had them speeding), illegal aliens, correction officers, politicians or vehicles registered to corporations.

8. There are plans to set the cameras to issue multiple violations such as seat belt, registrations tags, cracked windshields and burned out lights.

We can get the cameras banned – after all 14 other state have already successfully outlawed photo radar.

There is an initiative to collect the 153,365 signatures needed to place a statewide ban proposition on the ballot in November 2010.

If you agree that photo radar cameras need to go, please check out these 2 websites:



Please don’t sit back and assume someone else will make this happen!

YOUR participation is needed!

YOU count!

Please pass this along to your Arizona family and friends!

~ by Scat on July 28, 2009.

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