Attention People Who Live In Arizona

Activist Jason Shelton arrested for filming protest – Updated!

By: D. H. Williams @ 3:05 PM – EST

The Whistleblower

Jason Shelton the man behind the 4409 videos recently exposed the questionable and potentially illegal activities of the State of Arizona when he revealed that an Australian firm is administering traffic enforcement laws using private staff and vehicles without law enforcement training or credentials.

In his most recent video 4409 (Jason Shelton) shows an SUV with official looking logos and emergency lights parked on the side of an Arizona interstate highway operating traffic enforcement equipment, specifically electronic photo radar equipment.

This writer watched the video on Tuesday (Aug. 26th) when it was first posted on YouTube and thought to myself, “How long will it take before the police arrest this man for exposing their crimes?” The answer came about three days later when I read about Jason’s arrest on Freedom’s Phoenix.

The Video Expose

The Arrest

Late Thursday evening (Aug. 28th) Shelton was filming as two people protested the use of private contractors working for a foreign nation enforcing state laws in Arizona. The protesters were holding up signs with the word, “fraud” in large letters. As you can see in the video they are not touching or even speaking to the private contractors in their pseudo cop cars.

After being called by the employees operating the photo enforcement van around 11:45 PM six units of the Scottsdale Police show up on the scene and arrest Jason Shelton who was filming the protesters and not near the photo enforcement van, the two protesters were not arrested. In the Scottsdale P.D. press release they claim Shelton was arrested for, Obstruction of Government Operations yet the vehicle is registered to a private corporation and the occupants work for Redflex Group and American Traffic Solutions, Inc. He was also charged with Refusing to provide truthful name when lawfully detained.’ Based on these current available facts it appears Arizona Police have conducted a false arrest at the behest of private corporations.

The Incarceration

Shelton was held in a concrete cell with no bench to sit on until he was brought before Judge James Blake about 9 AM on the SINGLE charge of ‘Refusing to Provide Truthful Name.’ He again refused to give his name and address to the judge saying he wanted to contact his lawyer first. He was placed into a room with a phone and phone book but was too disoriented to find his lawyer’s phone number, so they yanked him out and took him back to the cell. Around 11AM he was brought before Judge Blake again. The Judge let him go on his own recognizance.

But the cop instead took him back to his cell telling the judge they were not through with him, and informed Shelton no way was he being let go until he had his photos and fingerprints taken. Now understand, he had just been released by the judge at 11AM. He didn’t get out until over six hours later, and that was after the second charge of Obstructing Government Operations was added by a cop named Alexander. He was brought before a second Judge Monty Morgan for the second charge and again ordered released own recognizance.

Shelton refused to cooperate in giving his fingerprints a second time (around 3PM) and the cop stomping down on his bare feet, breaking a toe to force compliance! As an added aside, the photo Scottsdale PD released was an old booking photo… they did not use the one’s they took…because Shelton was smiling even more than in the photo you see. They didn’t like that.

Editors Note: Jason Shelton is a well known freedom activist supporting the rights of Americans as detailed in The United States Constitution. He has invested countless hours in exposing corruption and promoting conservative government. He will need at least $4,000.00 to put up a defense on these questionable charges. Jason has taken a “bullet” for every American who wishes to live in the Nation promised to us by our forefathers can you help in his time of need?

Know that this is not a prosecution of one man but an attack on American Civil Liberties – let’s show those who oppose freedom that we will not abandon Jason Shelton.

Fund administered by Earnest Hancock of

This is far from over as reports of Arizona Police searching Mr. Shelton’s home and confiscating his vehicle have been reported by neighbors.

Learn more about photo radar enforcement activities in Arizona at CameraFraud.

Updated: September 1, 2008 @ 12:14 PM – EST

A message from Jason Shelton of forgiveness and redemption to the officers who violated The Constitution and physically assaulted him while in custody.

Updated: September 12, 2008 @ 9:14 AM – EST

No Shalam, No Sholom! Video commentary from 4409. Enjoy the audio track by the immortal Johnny Cash.


~ by Scat on February 17, 2009.

12 Responses to “Attention People Who Live In Arizona”

  1. Not just fighting for american freedom. It´s freedom for everybody. Greetingd from germany. WA(H)RRIOR

  2. Why 4409?

    • Because he is FAKE OPPOSITION IN MY EXPERIENCE and a pawn in the criminal racketeering syndicate (Kennedy’s laws of 1961 RICO)

  3. I just found you through “Freedom Phoenix”. Thank you for your work. I am so sorry that you, like so many others, have been in harms way alone.

    There is no other reasonable option, WE MUST UNITE…NOW. It will be very difficult in a few weeks.

    Vast numbers of us are estranged from each other, isolated by countless organizations promoting individual causes. Our superior numbers and strength are reduced to impotence by distractions from the cause that unites us.
    Expensive and complicated organizations requiring memberships and donations are UNNECESSARY. They are also awkward and time-consuming. A “simple, effective plan” is most secure and rapidly implemented. Across our nation, county by county, we must establish contact, alternative communication systems, and emergency meeting places, for very soon our communication systems will be severely altered. I recommend at least one person in each county put a large sign on their property (or billboard) with the web-site for the Revolution… The King’s Army…or the Army of the Republic… or Christian Soldiers…(the right name will come forth as the millions of us step forward). The web-site is simple and ONLY posts information from counties: the schedules of individual county actions, gatherings, speeches, meetings, etc. Each county decides the local plan of protection of her citizens. The individual person decides the degree of their participation. I volunteer for Orange County, Florida.

    It is time to come out in the open before more of our brave countrymen women and children are harmed by these thugs. We’ve expected someone else to do this. We can no longer afford their promises without delivery. We must do this ourselves. We must get organized and united.

    Three things Evil fears: Almighty Father, Christ our soon-coming King and the unity of His people. UNITY is the beginning of our Victory.

    • You are believing what I have experienced is a CON. HE would never have that kind of success in today’s court systems if he wasn’t a part of the racketeering (RICO- Research Kennedy’s laws implimennted 1961) BEAST… Read my comments below to further enlighten yourself. Read Reveation 2:9 and 3:9 and KNOW that his lawyer, I am told was Jew-wish as in Khazarian Empire that Jack Otto exposes (counterfeit Jews spoken of here). We are being fed half-truths and outright lies while the enemies use our good hearts and pity to fool us.

  4. Is this post still active. I am about to expose not only their sham with the above, the City of Scottsdale, Police Department, all courts are “private companies”, all with D-U-N-S#. Processing all for profit, with no due process of law, no protection under the constitution.

  5. It’s still active. What have you found Kimosavi?

  6. I want to thank everyone for there support.

    I was acquitted of all five charges under Rule 20 of the Arizona Rules of Criminal Procedure. To get one charge dropped under Rule 20 is rare but to have ALL five charges dropped under that rule is unheard of.

    Rule 20 basically means the state had absolutely no evidence to even to bring the charges, but of course they do because they can.

    We have filed a Federal Lawsuit under 18-242 against the CITY OF SCOTTSDALE and the detention officer who smashed my foot.

    Once again thank you for your support 🙂

  7. Americans are afraid now? If they don’t stand up and soon, it will get much, much scarier. Basically, I was married into the syndicate: Zionist Elite Criminal Syndicate. They will chip away at all we have with Racketeering (RICO) until we are forced out of our homes into one of 800 rejuvinated military centers locally: FEMA camps. Wake up people. The Bush family originated their fortune in Nazi Germany.

  8. Jason, you need to add a facebook link to this page. K

  9. I find it interesting that Jason Shelton pilfered $22k from Scottsdale Risk management when Barry Aarons their lobbyist/representative was behind getting the roadway cameras out. I am pretty certain after getting close to these people that is a scam for your money and to control dissidents. The whole “police abuse” things is a scam to pilfer your tax dollars from you. You do not get $$ from city hall. Especially without medical records. Shelton had no medical records, he’s connected to the mob. A con. That is what I’ve discovered.

  10. look through the layers at a con… serious.

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