Myspace Apps or Data Miners?

The following is a bulletin that was posted on MySpace. The original author is at the bottom of this post.

Myspace Apps or Data Miners?

This news may anger you, and it should…

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MySpace moves to better promote third-party apps

By Heather Havenstein

Companies look to help developers make money from 3rd party apps created for the social networks

MySpace, which officially launched its MySpace Development Platform on Feb. 5, recently announced that it will allow third-party developers to use two different MySpace advertising programs to market their applications…

“Application developers are businesses ~ maybe not today as much [as other businesses], but that is definitely coming in over time… Application developers need to promote their products.. They need to drive traffic”

HyperTargeting, Kapur noted, has already helped some advertisers boost click-through rates by 300%. The MySpace HyperTargeting program uses sophisticated machine-learning tools to analyze all the information provided by users ~ including the background themes they choose for their profiles and the photos they post to their blogs ~ to identify which products or services a user may be interested in, he added…

“HyperTargeting takes a look at publicly available data and places users into highly targetable interest groups,” Kapur said. “While other advertising networks guess about who the user is, we know who the user is.. We are going to look to facilitate developers putting these ad types on their pages so we can serve ads on their behalf”

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MySpace Opens Up The Data Pipe

With Full Launch Of Data Availability

Michael Arrington

MySpace was the first of the Big Three to announce tools for third party sites to integrate MySpace user data into their services (called, collectively, Data Availability)

Today MySpace is fully launching Data Availability (look for it this afternoon at developer. myspace. com), and any third party developer can now build applications using their APIs… MySpace is taking a much more interesting approach than Google, which controls data sent to third party sites via an iframe. MySpace is actually streaming data to these sites, which allows for true integration between the services, not just a bolted-on social tool…

Developers can access any publicly available profile data from a MySpace user and integrate it into their site. This includes a user’s name, picture, bio, social graph (list of friends), and other information. Users authorize the data transfer via a one-time secure OAuth login to MySpace from the third party service. The service is then allowed to access the data…

Since actual data is being streamed out of MySpace, they have a strict terms of use policy that forbids third party sites from storing or caching the data, other than the unique MySpace user id of the user. Each time a page is rendered the third party must re-request the data from MySpace via a set of APIs. That means any changes by the user to their MySpace profile data or friends list will be instantly applied across third parties who access the data…

What does that mean?
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

It means that myspace has sold your privacy to a 3rd party in the name of the dollar.. Not only one third party, but a 4th, 5th, 6th, and so on.. In fact there is no limit on how many third parties can access accounts through the Myspace Apps… Also the third parties that collect this information from peoples apps, often use that info for themselves and then sell it to other entities , including other marketing companies or researchers, intelligence agencies, and government…

I wonder why Myspace does not place one of their famous “warning pages” before you access a 3rd party App, the same way they do when you access a 3rd party information link? Of course selling out is the Fox News legacy, never in the history of media has there been a source of major media news who has distorted the truth and told outright lies, to the proportions of Fox News, followed closely by CNN…

Not only can these 3rd parties access the Myspace Apps users profile info, but their friends information as well… So people, if your using the Apps, and you start being deleted, now you will understand why! Myspace does not care about the user, at all… They only care about the dollar, and protecting their interests, the interests of Fox News…

About Censorship
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

Web Spiders, or Data Spiders are a fully automated, multithreaded web crawler that allows its user to index and collect specific web pages on the internet.. The simple application crawls the Web, searching for a specified type of file.. This is how my bulletins have been Censored.. Once the data is placed into the program, the Spider searches every bulletin between the preview and post applications for word combinations and when it finds that information, restricts access to the completion of the function… Below is a banner that I created with a web address that is Myspace censored. If you don’t believe me, try it for yourself, take the web address and try to send it in a myspace bulletin…

Censored Bulletin Link Below
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

Below is a link to a bulletin that I blogged because it would not post as a bulletin, you will see the link to the same address as above works fine, still it will not post as a bulletin.. This is proof positive that Fox News owned myspace is censoring you, and me…

~Link to my Censored Bulletin below~

About Click Trackers on Myspace
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

Click trackers are placed in place of links, like a gateway to your desired site, but they are actually a form of spyware, recording your data…

This warning page, is actually a click tracker.. First they would like to scare you from using some informational web sites, but if you choose to click ahead and visit the location, your information is automatically stored, and most likely sold to marketing agencies before being reported to the Department of Homeland Suckurity… If you are not aware that Click Trackers exist, then just google search “click trackers”… but beware, because google is also storing your data and reporting it… For a safer web search, try using Scroogle Scraper, I have it stored as my home page.. It does the google search for you, and does not forward your IP adress…

Of course, myspace has disabled the below link to Scroogle Scraper as well… you will have to cut and paste the address into the address bar and see for yourself. It is very easy to use, and mega safe! The address is below, but before you actually try Scroogle, take a click on the link and see what bullshit myspace tries to sell you about this site…

Scroogle Scraper
http://scroogle. org/cgi-bin/scraper. htm

And more and more lies
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

Myspace even tries to get you to believe that Tom Anderson is really a myspace user… Myspace was sold to News Corp, for 580 million dollars..The fact is that his profile was also sold to News Corp, Fox News, as the continuation of the public relations ploy that it had always been… Tom Anderson does not send these messages, but they continue to lie to you through their implications that he is actually playing games with you… Whats really funny to me, is that some of you actually believe it!

That’s a Lot of Shit!
By Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman…~John B~

So… Myspace is censoring certain information through web crawlers, they are using click trackers on you, they are selling your personal information, and they are constantly upgrading their advertising campaigns, as they continue to allow the communications features to struggle…

What can we do, not too much more than awareness, and a refusal to be a part of the myspace silliness campaign… My thoughts, well, if you really want to be a Mobster… Join the fucking Mafia… and stop compromising your friends page security… Just Say No to the “Dumbing Down”

Bulletin By…
Warrior, Dreamer, Shaman..~John B.~

Bringing you the hard core truth since 1962!

~ by Scat on January 2, 2009.

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