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this whole concept of only having to choose between a republican or a democrat is utter nonsense. the only reason we think that way is because that’s the way we are programmed. how many times do you hear “oh i like this guy but he’ll never win” or something along those lines? well that’s why they never win. because we have been programmed to just accept that response and that in turn actually does cause them to never win. fuck that. next time someone says “they’ll never win” tell them to stuff it. press on, strengthen your fight.

its time america starts looking outside of the box of R’s and D’s and realize we have other options. we don’t have to just stick with this “voting for the lesser of evils” mentality.
what kind of horse shit is that? there are so many good, decent, and honest candidates running for president and so many other options out there for us but yet we keep sticking between these two party lines? why?

is it because you believe that we should only have a 2 party system? why? why should we limit our possibilities and our opportunities to just the same 2 parties over and over again? isn’t this supposed to be america? the land of freedom and opportunity. the one place in the world where anyone can do anything. the one country that’s revolutionized the world 100x over because of the people who weren’t afraid to think outside of the box! if tesla and martin luther king jr, our founding fathers, and all these other people who we praise for all they have accomplished and done for america, and for the world, if they hadn’t fought tooth and nail to bring about change and make this world a better place, if they had stayed with in the box of the socially accepted norms and ideals, well, we wouldn’t of had all these great advancements in all walks of life.
hell we wouldn’t even have this country we are so proud of!

its time to wake up america. stop this constant submitting to horrible politicians with all these failed policies and agendas just because they put an R or a D next to their name. its time we start looking at candidates for all offices, not just president, based on their polices and voting records not what party they belong to. cause let me tell you..if you look at our current options for president there really isn’t much difference between mccain’s and obama’s platform.
where’s the choice? wheres real debates with substance?

they are hung out to dry until you people start realizing that we have other options. and the only reason we don’t have those options brought to the table is because you just submit to the social norms. these problems we are facing aren’t problems because of failed governments and failed politicians, we are facing these problems because us, as americans, as a country, have failed ourselves. we have been conditioned to believe that the government has all the power and all the authority. that’s a LIE. it is in fact the other way around. WE HAVE the power and the authority. only WE can bring about change.

its not to late to bring about change to this country. and im not talking about the change mccain or obama promise. because in actuality there is no change. these two candidates wont bring about anything other than politics as usual.

so please, open your eyes, look at your options. im not telling you who to vote for, im not promoting a candidate that i support. im just asking you to look around. examine all options not based on party but based on policy and voting records. you may find one that you like even more than the candidate your are supporting now. or you may find that none of these “3rd” party candidates are to your liking and that’s fine. but please stop excluding them simply because they aren’t an R or a D and because of the “they will never win” mentality. is that mentality that prevented us from experiencing real change in this country in the past and its whats preventing us from experiencing it now…


~ by Scat on October 7, 2008.

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