Why you should vote for a 3rd party this election…

Research these peoples hidden histories and see what scum bags they really are! They are all marching to the tune of the New World Order!!!


~ by Scat on September 25, 2008.

6 Responses to “Why you should vote for a 3rd party this election…”

  1. Why you should NOT vote third party is because, historically, third party votes are taken away from the Democratic party. If this happens, the party who supports big business and who got us into this mess will win again. Please don’t waste votes to prove a point. We all went through that in our early twenties. Now is not the time. Prove something another way. Don’t let them take the office again and let them smugly believe we all wanted them there. We are but mere doormats to the rich. Try to understand…even if our democratic system is not perfect, for THIS election, Obama is the one to help us the most.

  2. Obama isn’t going to help anyone but the secret elite who own and control this planet. Do a little more research on the guy than just what you hear from the mainstream media. He’s not the solution. Both the Democrat and Republican parties are controlled by the same people behind the scenes and they are both working for the same agenda! I urge you, please… go out and research this stuff for yourself. You’ll realize just how fucked we are regardless if its an R or a D that’s in the white house…

  3. It’s paranoia like yours that got us where we are. Your language tells your age. It’s too bad they don’t move the voting age up to 28 when the average person begins to think more clearly. You’ll be okay. You just need some time. We’ll try our best to set things right regardless of what you do at the voting poll.

  4. It’s ignorance like yours that got us where we are. I bet you haven’t even bothered to look at things from a different point of view. If you did you wouldn’t be trying to put me down because of my age. This has nothing to do with age, it has to do with having an open mind. Instead of trying to insult me, how about actually looking at the world from another point of view. Try getting your information from other sources than the mainstream media. Maybe you’ll find out that what you were told and taught were nothing but lies or maybe you’ll find out that I’m full of shit. You are free to think and believe what you want. And believe me, I would like nothing more than to be proven wrong about everything I’ve researched and find to be true.

  5. That would be the expected response. I may have insulted your age, which is the only point you would take away from this exchange, but you generalized from the start of your blog. It’s the need for attention that starts this ridiculous stance from the youth. Our democratic process may not be perfect, but it’s the best you’re going to find. If you don’t like it, you’re certainly free to live your life in a third-world country. I do my research, but I’ll bet you do not. I do not get all of my information from main stream media, and I don’t get it from whiners either. That’s the most I will defend myself to someone who is so much like every other young person that screams for attention. It’s really too bad that parents have taught their children to think so much of just themselves that they need to use politics to draw attention. Why not do something more productive? Life is short after all. You will find this out.

  6. I am voting third party. I know McCain and Obama are evil and corrupt. I couldn’t live with myself if I voted for either of them. I am voting for Tom Tancredo…a true American.

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