Aaron Russo

“Rights are like muscles; you must exercise them to keep them fit, or they will atrophy and die.”

Today is the 22nd of August 2008, Mr. Aaron Russo passed away 24th of August 2007, I just wanted to make mention that the anniversary of his passing should not go unnoticed.

I never met the man, his interviews make you feel like you’ve known him all your life. Aaron Russo had a dream and he empowered that dream into an organization called Restore the Republic.

From a club owner, managing Bette Midler, producing the movies, the Rose, Trading Places and Teachers, to Running for President in the Libertarian Party and then forming the Constitution Party, Russo was full of life and his works continue to echo on.

Russo died of bladder cancer at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California on August 24, 2007, at age 64, following a six year battle with the disease. Shortly before his passing, in 2007, Russo founded RestoreTheRepublic.com to fulfill the political ambitions laid out in his final film. He publicly passed the torch to Gary S. Franchi Jr., founder of the Lone Lantern Society of America to lead this new organization and to carry on his fight. Russo said his goal was to “try and get the word out to the public about what’s happening to America — and give them an opportunity to try to change things.” For an epitaph on his headstone after his death, he told the Las Vegas Sun (November 4, 1999), “I want it to say, ‘Freedom Fighter.’ “

Aaron Russo is indeed a Freedom Fighter.

From August 31 – September 2nd the Campaign for Liberty is hosting the Rally for the Republic in Minnesota. The Rally for the Republic has been set up as a co-convention to the Republican Convention. I would like to make Aaron Russo’s Restore the Republic an honorary Founding Father of the Campaign for Liberty and to ask for your help toward fulfilling Mr. Russo’s ambitions, carry on the fight and in Russo’s words, “try and get the word out to the public about what’s happening to America — and give them an opportunity to try to change things.”

Please visit: http://www.rememberingrusso.com to help make Russo’s Restore the Republic a Founding Father and to ensure Aaron Russo’s ambition toward Restoring the Republic remains a powerful force. Be a freedom fighter!

Remember Aaron Russo

For those of you who may not know Aaron Russo’s final work please view Russo’s movie masterpiece: Freedom to Fascism


~ by Scat on August 22, 2008.

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