Bilderberg 2008

Here’s the run down on this years Bilderberg meeting. Alex Jones and Jim Tucker are both personally down in Virgina covering this. This post will be updated as more information regarding the Bilderberg meeting this weekend comes out.


Bilderberg Ruse Exposed

Bilderberg Announces 2008 Conference

Official 2008 Bilderberg Participant List

Spooks Infest Marriott Hotel As Bilderberg Begins

Infowars Team Harassed at Marriott Covering Bilderberg

Photos: Bilderberg 2008 at the Westfields Marriott in Washington D.C.

Bilderberg Protesters Ordered To Leave Public Property

Luke Rudkowski Report from Bilderberg

G. Edward Griffin on the Alex Jones Show: Bilderberg’s NWO

iPods for the Global Elite

Dutch PM and foreign minister visit Bush & Bilderberg

Hillary & Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous

Press Let Rip At Obama Spokesman Over Exclusion From Secret Meeting

Bilderberg boys will decide who’s Obama’s “chosen” Veep

Bill & Hillary Clinton Confronted On Bilderberg

Obama’s Office Won’t Deny Senator Attended Bilderberg

Turkish Media Reports On Bilderberg Meeting

U.S. Corporate Media Blackout On Bilderberg Meeting

What Can We Deduce From Bilderberg 2008?

Shepherd Johnson’s Bilderberg Photostream

Tax Payers Pay For Bilderberg Meetings

Did they or didn’t they? Speculation about Obama, Clinton attending Bilderberger meeting

Bilderberg meeting attracts prominent politicians, businessmen

Bilderberg Photos: Day Two

Brit Blogger Stopped At Airport On Way To Bilderberg

Bernanke Caught Exiting Bilderberg Conference 2008

VIDEO: Bilderberg 2008 – Day 2

We Are Change Bullhorn Bilderberg

Alex Jones Bullhorns Bilderberg

Conspiracy of Silence: Corporate Media Refuses to Cover Bilderberg Confab

Breaking: Cops and Secret Service Search, Question Infowarrior at Bilderberg

Bilderberg’s Secrets Leak Out

Bilderberg 2008 – Day 3 Footage

Bilderberg Meeting 2008 More Photos

Watch live video from Truth TV on

What’s New at Bilderberg 2008?

Bilderberg 2008 – Eyes Wide Open


Dirty Tricks Campaign Against Alex Jones


~ by Scat on June 6, 2008.

One Response to “Bilderberg 2008”

  1. Hijos de perra!!!

    Bilderberg no debe seguir creciendo!!

    Si hitler los intento destruir, otros apareceran, Chile se esta armando y preparando para combatir a los Bilderberg!!!!

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