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Jon Sloan’s Fight Against the Government to Protect His Business and Rights

Despite having done nothing illegal, Jon Sloan:

…had his business raided by the FDA, Kansas Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement,
…was arrested,
…had more than $400,000 in cash and bank seizures,
…had hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory seized
…was given multiple “drug taxes” totaling almost $2 million.

Jon Sloan is a 30-year-old Kansas business owner, husband, and father of three. His company, Bouncing Bear Botanicals, sells botanical and herbal products that are legal to own, buy, and sell and are commonly found available for purchase in stores and online throughout the country. Todd Blair Sucks

In February 2010 the Bouncing Bear warehouse, located in Oskaloosa, Kansas, was raided by agents from County law enforcement, Kansas Bureau of Investigation, and the Federal Drug Administration. With guns drawn, 24 agents burst in and proceeded to handcuff all the employees in the building, including 80-year-old great-grandparents. Then they began to ransack the entire building. They seized cash, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of inventory, computers and $400,000 in checks and bank balances. (In addition, several thousand dollars in cash “disappeared” during the raid, and was not listed in the inventory of seized items.)

Jon was arrested and put in jail, all the while having no idea what he had done that was illegal. Bond was set at $906,000. (Please remember that number. It will be mentioned again, and your head will spin as to it’s absurdity.) He wasn’t allowed to make a phone call because the prosecutor “didn’t know” what he was going to charge Jon with. It was the following afternoon before the prosecutor decided on the charges, which were for possession or cultivation of several “drugs” that are naturally-occurring in certain plants. i.e. Lysergic Acid Amide because if is naturally occuring in morning glory seeds. Yes, the same morning glory seeds that you can buy at Home Depot, Wal-mart, lawn and garden centers across the country, and thousands of websites including We have been unable to find any record of anyone ever being arrested before for selling any of the plants found in the raid. The basis for the charges was that the plants and seeds found on the premises of Bouncing Bear contain illegal drugs.

The actual charges were:
Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Dimethlyltryptamine (DMT)
Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Mescaline
Unlawful manufacturing of controlled substances: Lysergic Acid Amide
Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Mescaline
Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Dimethlyltryptamine; Chacruna; Illinois Bundleflower; Epena; Cebil Seeds.
Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Bufotenine, Epena, Chaliponga, Cebil Seeds, Colorado River Toads.
Unlawful cultivation or distribution of controlled substances: Lysergic Acid Amide, Morning Glory Seeds, Rivea Corymbosa.
Unlawful possession of certain drug precursors and drug paraphernalia: Plastic jugs and filters used or intended for unlawful use to manufacture, cultivate, plant propagate, harvest, test, analyze or distribute a controlled substance.

By the end of the day of the raid, all bank accounts, company and personal, were seized including those of Jon’s father and six-year-old son (because Jon was a signer on the accounts). Jon was left with a negative bank balance, making it difficult for him to post bond or hire a lawyer. Jon’s family came to his aid and hired a lawyer who was able to reduce the bond to $150,000, and Jon was released on bond the following day. The condition of his release was that he was not allowed to go to the office or talk to employees, associates or customers. Thus, he was denied the ability to work and run his lawful business.

To understand how the government stole all of Jon’s money, you must know about the “drug tax.” There is a crazy law in many states, including Kansas, that requires people to buy and affix a tax “stamp” to their illegal drugs. The tax stamp is often many times the cost of the actual illegal drugs. If you are caught with (or, in Jon’s case, just suspected of having) illegal drugs and you don’t have the tax stamp affixed to the drugs, you can be assessed the cost of the tax stamp plus a fine of 100% of the value of the stamp. To collect the tax, everything that you own can be confiscated, your bank accounts and all assets seized, and a tax lien placed against you for the balance. That tax lien then gets reported to the credit agencies, making it virtually impossible to have a credit card or get approved for a lease, mortgage, or a car loan (to replace the one they seized), etc. It also makes it impossible to get a bank account, though that is probably a good thing, since the government would just seize any money put in the bank.

The purpose of the drug tax, as stated on Kansas’ drug tax website is to “tax the underground economy.” But the plants Jon is charged with possessing were sold openly and taxes were paid on them when they were sold, like any product sold by any company.

An individual from the Kansas Department of Revenue came to the jail before Jon was released and served him a Notice of Assessment of Tax Upon Marijuana and Controlled Substances stating that he was in the possession of 2270 grams of a controlled substance (mescaline) without drug tax stamps affixed and assessing a drug tax and penalty in the amount of $906,000. The Kansas Department of Revenue issued a Tax Warrant commanding the Sheriff of Johnson County, Kansas to levy upon and sell the real and personal property of Bouncing Bear sufficient to pay $906,000 in unpaid and delinquent taxes, interest and/or penalties, and such other additional penalties, interest, fees and costs as provided by law. Jon’s lawyer found out two months later that a second $906,000 drug tax had been issued against Jon personally although Jon never saw the documents related to this assessment.

But, there was no mescaline in the warehouse. They arrived at the 2270 grams by taking a 5 pound (2270 grams) San Pedro cactus, calling it “mescaline” and taxing him nearly $400.00 for each gram.

Now you can see that the bond is the same amount as the drug tax.  But, here is the absurdity of that number: They actually seized 5589 pounds of San Pedro cacti, or 2,537,406 grams. A $400 tax per gram on 2,537,406 grams would be $1,014,962,400.00. That is over $1 billion! Did they really think that posessing San Pedro cactus is posessing a “drug?” If so, why didn’t they give him a $1 billion tax? And if they really thought he was in possession of $1 billion worth of mescaline, why did they let him post a bond at all? One person in north eastern Kansas had a billion dollars of mescaline? Where are all the children overdosing daily? Well, obviously it isn’t happening, and obviously they know that, and knew that, and they know that San Pedro cacti is not the same thing as mescaline.

Remember: San Pedro cactus is not illegal to own, buy or sell. They can be purchased at numerous locations throughout the United States including Go ahead and click on the link to see the various San Pedro cacti that are available at, which you can purchased today, and plant in your garden.

Imagine the powers of the Kanas Department of Revenue. They can seize all the assets of any Kansan who is growning San Pedro cactus in their backyard. If your grandparents have a beautiful garden with several nice size cacti, the state of Kansas could give them a multi-million dollar tax bill, seize all their assets and put them in jail.

Jon has filed numerous motions to get his assets returned and the tax lien removed. The agency that rules on the motions is the Kansas Department of Revenue, the agency that seized his money and possessions and placed the tax lien against him in the first place. They have attempted to deny every motion, often with the most flimsy of reasons. For example they said he was three days late paying the $275.00 appeal fee, even though they themselves told the attorney that there was no deadline. They want to deny a taxpayer the right to appeal a nearly $2 million tax based on a $275.00 filing fee. .

Jon has spent over $70,000 trying to fight the illegal drugs tax. It will probably be at least another year before any vindication or resolution will be possible and it will likely cost another $100,000 in attorneys’ fees. All the while, Kansas gets to keep his property and his money, and keep him from being able to open a bank account or buy a car.

Two months after the raid, all of the charges against Jon were dropped.* We assumed at the time that the prosecutor, Caleb Stegall–having become aware of the absurbity of the charges — realized that Jon”s arrest had been a mistake. But eight months later, Stegall was promoted to the governor’s special counsel; and on his last day as prosecutor, he re-filed new charges. The new charges are similar to the charges that were dropped. However, there were no charges for “manufacturing” this time, and instead added “conspiracy to cultivate.” Why the new charges were filed when no additional evidence has been found, we don’t know. We can only surmise that charging Jon again allowed Mr. Stegall to look like he is “tough on drugs” while leaving his replacement to deal with the a trial without any evidence. The list of seized items does not include anything that is illegal. Discovery does not reveal any illegal activity. Why would you arrest someone, give them a nearly million dollar bond, place upon them a nearly $2 million drug tax, drop all the charges, and re-arrest and re-charge that person with no new evidence?

This is a grave miscarriage of justice and is destroying the lives of Jon and his family. Not only has this cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, Jon now faces the possibility of going to prison for years if somehow found guilty. This is also a dangerous legal precedent for this country. Drug laws violate constitutional rights in many ways. This is bad enough when the drugs are really illegal. But in this case the “drugs” are just legal plants you can buy anywhere. If this can happen to Jon, no one is safe from terrorist activity perpetrated by our own government.

*Even after the original charges were dropped, the Kansas Department of Revenue still refused to return Jon’s confiscated assets or remove the liens against him.


Fed proposes rules to slash debit card ‘swipe’ fees

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A friend of mine who works for chase said this in response to the Fed’s actions today: “Without saying anything I cannot – the immediate reaction by the banks is to phase out debit cards all together, because they will now lose the bank money, every time they are used rather than help them profit, or at least break even on the cost.” Let’s see how this unfolds over the coming months.        – Scat

December 16, 2010

The Federal Reserve on Thursday proposed rules that could sharply limit the fees that banks charge retailers for debit card transactions.

The rules would carry out the orders Congress issued to the Fed in the landmark financial-reform law passed this year. The legislation requires that the central bank come up with a plan to assure that so-called swipe fees for debit cards are “reasonable,” addressing an issue that has long been a sore point with retailers.

Either of two Fed proposals would cap the swipe fee at 12 cents per transaction — far below what banks now charge retailers.

Visamc “If the [Federal Reserve] Board adopts either of these proposed standards in the final rule, the maximum allowable interchange fee received by covered issuers for debit card transactions would be more than 70% lower than the 2009 average, once the new rule takes effect on July 21, 2011,” the Fed said in a statement on its website.

Retail groups cheered the Fed’s move, and suggested that their savings would be passed on to shoppers.

“Any reduction in swipe fees at all, large or small, is a benefit for consumers because retailers are highly competitive and will share that savings with their customers,” Mallory Duncan, senior vice president at the National Retail Federation in Washington, said in a statement. He noted that “the law requires a major reduction” in the fees.

But the American Bankers Assn. attacked the Fed’s proposed changes, saying they would have “a dramatic impact on the cost of banking services for consumers nationwide.” The proposals “essentially relieve retailers of paying their fair share for a card payments system that offers them tremendous benefits,” said ABA President Edward Yingling.

Fed Vice Chairwoman Janet Yellen said in a statement that the surge in debit card transactions in recent years “has precipitated a national and international debate over the appropriate level of the fees. In 2009, debit card interchange fees totaled over $16 billion in the United States.”

The Fed’s proposals drove shares of card payment networks Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. sharply lower. Besides hacking swipe fees, the proposals “would let merchants choose from at least two independent debit networks for routing transactions, potentially creating more competition for Visa and MasterCard,” Bloomberg News noted.

Visa plunged $9.75, or 12.7%, to $67.19; MasterCard sank $25.73, or 10.3%, to $223.49.

Bank stocks also turned lower after the Fed posted its proposals on its website, but most bank issues closed little changed.

The Fed is asking for public comment on its proposals by Feb. 22.


Earn Your Rights? This ship is sinking faster than I thought.

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One of my friends posted a message about the “Dream Act” today and out of all the comments I saw for it there was one that really just made me take a step back and go…”Did that person just say what I thought they said?” Sure enough, they did.

“Haa. They won’t be getting free citizenship with the Dream Act. The Dream Act is for immigrants who came here as minors,have graduated high school and would like to earn temporary permanent residency. Their six year permanent residency status is contingent on their completion of at least two years at a four year university in good standing or a minimum of two years military service. They are hardly demanding anything free, they are simply asking for an opportunity to EARN the same rights we have. What have you done to earn your rights?”

“EARN” your rights? Earn your rights. Unbelievable!

You can’t earn rights. That’s an oxymoron. Just like the phrase “temporary permanent” (which was also used in that same post). The only thing you earn are privileges and privileges can be taken away any time the person that gave them to you feels like.

Rights are derived from 1 thing… your divine creator (whatever that may be).

When writing the constitution the founding fathers included a thing called the Bill of Rights. Not because they declared that since you are an American you are entitled to these rights. The founding fathers included the Bill of Rights because they recognized that as a living being you were inherently bestowed those basic rights by the simple fact that you are alive. The Bill of Rights was included in the constitution to protect those rights from being infringed upon by the government they were setting up. We don’t have to earn those rights. Every human being has regardless of race, age, gender, nationality, etc…, those same basic rights. The problem is that  most people have relinquished those rights to governments. The old Hegelian Dialectic (Problem, Reaction, Solution) at work. We are told to sacrifice liberty and freedom in times of crisis for safety and security. Over and over throughout history that has been done and it always results in Tyranny.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

It’s all based on property. Your body is your property. It’s not mine, not your spouses, not your parents, and its especially not the governments. Its Yours. That means that you have the right to do whatever you want with your body as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others or cause harm to anyone else. No victim, no crime. It’s as simple as that. But as with every other civilization throughout history, we have relinquished many of our rights. We can no longer own certain property like land and cars (research allodial title and manufacture’s statement of origin). We can’t marry anyone of the same gender in most places.  We can’t ingest any substance we want (prohibition of alcohol, drugs and other things). When we pay income tax every year, even though the law clearly states paying income tax is optional, we are forced (by threats of fines and jail time) to file and when we do so, we sign a statement every year to relinquish our 5th amendment rights. In Illinois we need a permit to own a gun. Have the legislators in Illinois never heard of the 2nd amendment? We’ve had pat downs and strip searches for years at airports and now we have body scanners in airports that are quickly becoming mandatory to go through in order to fly. What happened to our 4th amendment?

And I can go on and on and on.

The government has gotten out of control. And most of you have done NOTHING to prevent it. As long as you have your TV shows and all the latest gadgets, fashions, booze, and a belly full of cancerous processed foods; you’re happy little sheeple waiting for the slaughter. And it will come. Not at the hands of Muslim extremists, Iraqi dictators, Soviet missile’s, Y2k’s, 2012’s, global warming, or any of these other completely made up boogie-men that governments dangle in our face day after day. No, our downfall will be because of our own complacency and our own inability to critically think for ourselves and be responsible for our own lives.

We don’t have to earn rights but we sure haven’t done anything to preserve and protect them.

The tree of liberty is looking rather withered these days.


When I Woke Up!

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When I finally woke up I took a look around. I saw city halls, courthouses, houses of parliament, churches, schools, and universities by the hundreds and thousands. I saw systems – systems for managing the land, the air, and the water; systems for managing human behaviour; systems for managing religion; systems for managing learning; systems for managing food, shelter, clothing; systems for managing love and procreation: a vast complex of carefully engineered systems. I saw millions of people working, not for themselves, but for someone else. I saw millions of people doing, not what they themselves want to do, but what someone else wants them to do. I saw the depressing evidence of a people who have externalized and institutionalized – in fact, have tried to standardize – the very nature of humanity.

I saw a whole people who’ve lost the way of life and in its place have built a technological monster which does most of their hard work, carries their water, delivers their food, raises their kids, makes their decisions, says their prayers, transports them, “informs” them, entertains them, and controls the people it serves, absolutely. I also saw that the monster, seemingly unable to manage itself, was running wild, totally out of visible control, ripping the land to pieces, spreading poisons, filling the air with filth, dumping garbages and shit in the rivers and lakes and oceans. I saw all that, and I saw the people, millions of them, crowded together in cities, living side by side in towns, villages, rural areas. But I didn’t see a single community.

Is someone doing all of this on purpose? Yes!

– Wilfred Pelletier and Ted Poole

The 6th Hermetic Principle – Cause and Effect

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“Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; there are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes the Law’  – The Kybalion

‘This Principle embodies the fact that there is a Cause for every Effect; an Effect from every Cause. It explains that: ‘Everything happens according to Law’; that nothing ever ‘merely happens’; that there is no such thing as Chance; that while there are various planes of Cause and Effect, the higher dominating the lower planes, still nothing ever entirely escapes the Law. The Hermetists understand the art and methods of rising above the ordinary plane of Cause and Effect, to a certain degree, and by mentally rising to a higher plane they become Causers instead of Effects. The masses of people are carried along, obedient to environment; the wills and desires of others stronger than themselves; heredity; suggestion; and other outward causes moving them about like pawns on the Chessboard of Life. But the Masters, rising to the plane above, dominate their moods, characters, qualities, and powers, as well as the environment surrounding them, and become Movers instead of pawns. They help to PLAY THE GAME OF LIFE, instead of being played and moved about by other wills and environment. They USE the Principle instead of being its tools. The Masters obey the Causation of the higher planes, but they help to RULE on their own plane. In this statement there is condensed a wealth of Hermetic knowledge – let him read who can.”

– Dr. Jane Ma’ati Smith, The Emerald Tablet of Hermes and The Kybalion

This is one small part of the teachings of the Mystery Schools of Babylon. Think about what was written in that passage from Dr. Smith’s book. It explains A LOT about how the world we live in today is still governed in the same manner that it was thousands of years ago and yet the majority of the people living today are ‘none the wiser’ to the fact.

“The world is governed by very different personages from what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Where in the World Is Julian Assange?

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(Nov. 30) — Seemingly everyone wants a piece of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange this week, with Interpol, Sweden, the United States, Australia, Sarah Palin, Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill O’Reilly joining the posse.

Palin says he should be hunted down “like al-Qaida.” O’Reilly calls him a “sleazebag.” Government officials want him tried for espionage, and Interpol is after him for alleged sex crimes. Others want him banned from the Internet.

Good luck with all of that. The 39-year-old recluse and self-described misfit — whose latest secret-documents dump comprises more than 250,000 diplomatic memos — has been on the lam for months.

Where in the world is Julian Assange? 

Amid an escalating series of controversies, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been laying low recently and was last known to be in London.

So where is he? This month he’s apparently been in London, where he gave an interview to Forbes magazine, posted online this week after the chat was recorded at an undisclosed London apartment. The Australian native has cut and dyed his hair again to avoid detection, and promised that his site’s rage-inspiring and ongoing upload of U.S. State Department documents was only the beginning — of his latest controversy.

Up next is the disclosure of thousands of damning internal documents showing corruption by a major American bank, he told Forbes. But Assange won’t say which bank or give specifics of what it did wrong. That’s not unusual for a man who is both revered and reviled.

Assange has been laying low for several weeks now, staying with friends, using credit cards owned by others or paying in cash, canceling public appearances at the last minute or sending others in his stead. He is dogged by rape allegations in Sweden and is now under investigation by the U.S. Justice Department and his native Australia.

On Monday, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said Assange was under criminal investigation by federal agents. “This is not saber-rattling,” he told reporters at a news conference, The Associated Press reported. Saying the Obama administration condemns the publication of classified State Department documents, Holder said the posts endangered national security and the safety of diplomats abroad.

Secretary of State Clinton said much the same. “Some mistakenly applaud those responsible,” Clinton said in Washington this week. “There is nothing laudable about endangering innocent people.”

Not true, Assange shot back in a series of e-mails to ABC News from a clandestine hideout. “U.S. officials have for 50 years trotted out this line when they are afraid the public is going to see how they really behave,” he wrote. (EXACTLY!!!!!)

Apparently, only one country welcomes him — Ecuador, which offered him residency, Reuters reported today. The South American country is highly critical of U.S. doctrines and policies.

Earlier this month, Sweden issued an international sex crimes warrant against Assange in connection with two incidents in which women claimed rape and molestation. Assange said both interludes were consensual sex. This week, he was placed on Interpol’s wanted list, according the agency’s website.

Assange fled to Sweden in August, seeking protection for WikiLeaks under the country’s whistle-blowing laws after he posted nearly 400,000 classified documents pertaining to the Iraq war. Weeks before, he had posted some 77,000 classified Pentagon documents on the Afghan conflict.

Then the rape allegations surfaced, and Assange was on the run again.

In October, he sat for an interview in London with The New York Times, sporting a beanie cap and a wispy beard and speaking just above a whisper lest he be overheard. The former computer hacker said, essentially, that he was doing the Lord’s work in publishing leaked secret and classified documents.

“By being determined to be on this path, and not to compromise, I’ve wound up in an extraordinary situation,” he said


4409 — ASU students walk out on IDF Israeli soldier!

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– HINT: people that are ethical, upstanding, and good do NOT need to do public relations tours in foreign nations.

An Israeli IDF soldier was at ASU giving a lecture on how wonderful and ethical they are. Meanwhile, during the lecture a group of protesters were wearing red shirts with names of children that were allegedly killed by IDF soldiers. After the soldier spoke for a while the protesters got up turn around and walked out in silence.

I was not affiliated with that group so I was not leaving there without saying something 🙂

This problem all started when a bunch of Europeans got together and thought if would be a good idea to create a magical land by removing one group of people using force, genocide and occupation and giving it to a different group of people who practice and teach a racist extremist ideology all while pretending it was for an altogether different group of people who were persecuted for their religion.

There is no refuting that the IDF has used chemical weapons on the Palestinians in the past including white phosphorous which can burn your skin to the bone if touched and melt your lungs if inhaled. They have also deliberately used weapons know to contain depleted uranium which causes extremely high rates of cancers and birth defects.

I’m in no way saying all Palestinians are innocent, but this was not a lecture from a Palestinian claiming how ethical and moral they all are. This was a propaganda tour by an Israeli public relations “soldier”

For the soldier to claim the IDF is ethical and treats people all the same was as close to sketch comedy as you can get. Their own Talmud teaches that goyim (you) are nothing more than filthy animals. To be fair, do Palestinians teach their kids to also hate Zionists? Of course, but who ultimately has the power and control over the other?

Lets also be realistic here. The People in that giant outdoor prison called Gaza live in absolute horrid conditions. They have no weapons to speak of other than stones and maybe some of those katyusha rockets, which are nothing more than some over grown firecrackers.

Checkpoints are everywhere and they are manned by the IDF, which restricts their movement ON THEIR LAND! The Israelis also control ALL their food, water and resources. This would be similar to a black family with a clansman neighbor that controls their food, water, movement, and resources. All this, while they see houses and mansions being built on the other side of the wall and in the occupied territories with funding provided via the United States taxpayer.

Human nature, resentment and fear runs rampant and when caged people get desperate with no future to look forward they risk it all (blow them selves up) for what they perceive is the greater good.

Maybe caged chickens have dreamed at one time or another. Might have even plotted the taking of their very lives in the remote chance the barn door would come loose so the rest of his family could escape.

Animals are not meant to be caged like humans.